Hazy Shade of winter - Single

Genre: Folk: Folk Pop  |  Release Date: 2018 

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Edge of America

Genre: Folk: Folk-Rock  |  Release Date: 2017

Crowes Pasture's second full length album, Edge of America, was released in October of 2017.  It debuted at #7 on the Folk DJ charts, with its title song coming in at #3.  This album beautifully blends original songs that address current events like immigration, the death of boxing legend Muhammad Ali, and modern day destructive storms, with covers songs by folk icons Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen and Donovan. With their haunting vocals, mournful sustains, and harmonies destined to be together, all of the songs, whether original or not, are made, distinctly, their own. 

The album was produced by Doug Kwartler of Hollow Body Studios and the Lied To's.  The album features gut wrenching fiddling by Patrick McGonigle of the Lonely Heartstring Band, one of the bluegrass scene's most popular progressive bands.

Crowes Pasture

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